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At Mu Yeh Taekwondo, we have different classes to suit the needs for all members of the family.
Taekwondo Bongsul; Incorporated in our Senior Taekwondo class, developed by Grandmaster Yong Dai Cho, Taekwondo Bongsul incorporates the use of a long stick (staff). Taekwondo Bongsul applies techniques which are practical and useful in real situations. The process of learning these techniques, will not only capture the learners interest in the art but will also provide skills on how to self-defend and counter-attack an opponent. Not only does Taekwondo Bongsul train you physically but it also increases mind control and concentration. Also included is the use of medium and short stick techniques from Floro Fighting Systems (FFS).

Tournament Taekwondo; Competitions are available for those that wish to challenge themselves in a competitive environment. Events available are Sparring, Patterns, Breaking, Self Defence as well as Demonstrations, both in individual and team events. Competitions range from Local, State, National and International. They also include such events as the Olympic Games. At Mu Yeh Taekwondo, we are not about Medals and Trophies. We believe competition is not about winning, but about personal enjoyment and personal development. Having said that, Mu Yeh Taekwondo have had successes at competition including many NSW and Australian champions. At Mu Yeh Taekwondo, competition is done purely on a voluntary basis. There is absolutely no pressure to compete.
Traditional Taekwondo; Taekwondo is well renowned for its multitude of kicks from the very basic to the more advanced jumping and spinning techniques. What is not as well known, is that Taekwondo also includes many hand techniques, locks and throws. Mu Yeh Taekwondo also incorporates an extensive self-defence system, dealing with such things as schoolyard bullying to more street-wise and weapons defence. Taekwondo has been found, not only to increase one's ability in self-defence, but to also improve one's self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, physical fitness, and general good health. Taekwondo also teaches the importance of responsibility, respect, humility and honesty as a means to achieve harmony within.
Classes held at Portland Central School Hall, (entry on Villiers St.) Portland. NSW.

Mondays and Thurdays:

Ages 7yrs to 13yrs; 4.45 ~ 6.00 PM

Ages 14yrs and up; 6.00 ~ 7.15 PM